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Sydney Handyman are now looking after the new Sydney Business Park at Marsden Park. Looking after businesses facilities maintenance is important and Sydney Handyman will look after the key concerns of your valuable assets and buildings. Looking after all building services, assets, preventative and scheduled Maintenance and facility managment services. What ever is required to help your business. Sydney Handyman will do what we do best so you can do what you do best.


Our services will work with your key objectives to ensure a more cost effective, upkeep alon with one point of responsibility


Our Facility Maintenance Services are managed by our business Statewide FM (Statewide Facility Maintenance Services) on a national basis.


Our reporting system keeps you upto date with all your open and closed maintenance and you will have dedicated facility account manager as your point of contact.


Statewide FM have major clients including, Department of Health and Aging, Max Brenner, Optus Stores, IMB Banks, Susan on a national basis. 


Our team of technicians are skilled and maintain, all WHS and inductions as required. All licenses and insurances are upto date and maintained. Otherwise if you have technicians you are familiar with, we are happy to use and manage them. 


As the local handyman choice, we thank our local community for trusting Sydney's most reliable handyman services.


Sydney Handyman provides professional handyman services that are On time. Done right. Call today for a meeting to discuss or if you need a package of informative information sent. 

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