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  • OH&S Building Defect Repairs

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  • Painting Signage

  • Trip Hazards

  • Hand Rail and Bollards

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  • Letterboxes, Brick/Colorond Line Marking,

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  • Uprgrading the landscaping

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  • Bin Bay building and maintenance

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  • Impact Damage Repairs Retaining Walls

  • Steps and Repairs

  • Roofing and Repairs

  • Water Leaks

  • Fence/Gate/Door Repairs

  • Gyprock Repairs

  • Water Damage Repairs

  • Vandalism Repairs

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Property Maintenance

  • Concreting, big or small

  • Air Conditioning Lic No. L0004816

  • Plumbing

  • Painting

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Convex mirror installation

  • Safety Signage and Convex mirrors


Strata Maintenance, Repairs and Preventative Maintenance


Your Sydney Handyman provide solutions for your strata buildings. Whether it is general maintenance or Implementing long term preventative maintenance contracts for gutter cleaning and other routine building services and while onsite Sydney Handyman will check general building conditions and areas that need attention, We provide all types of strata maintenance work including leterbox repairs, window and door repairs, replacement of rotted timbers, Concreting, rendering, plastering and gyprocking.  In fact almost any type of project that is required to keep your building maintained and in top condition.


Sydney Handyman will do all of the work on your To-Do-List. We are relied on by 1000's of customers and many strata complexes for all your Handyman Sydney work.


Your Sydney Handyman can take care of your small to medium-sized jobs, including:

Handyman, Carpentry, Maintenance and Repairs Services


Sydney Handyman featured in Home Magazine

Some examples of the work we have completed are; repairing and building a bin bay, signage including parking road gutter visitor signs, speed signs, direction and warning and information signs. Convex mirror supply and installations for poor vehicle visual areas are affected. Line marking for parking spaces and arrows for vehicle directions. Your Sydney Handyman have fixed impact damage to brick walls, render, bollard and gutter damage and also just repairs to driveways, fixing pot holes and wear and tear. There has been flooding in some buildings from weather and burst water pipes where Sydney Handyman have firstly organised dryers for the carpet and have made emergency temporary repairs out of hours. We have returned during normal working hours to rectify the issues; if it was a roof leak we sourced the leak and repaired the problem. Sometimes with roof leaks the water runs from one area to another. We have had to detect leaks from metres away from where it was coming in from. After repairing the roof, or window seals, the internal damage was repaired. This included gyrprock, carpet and floorboard replacement and other water damage. Your strata manager and Your Sydney Handyman work closely together to ensure that you are being looked after and all work is carried out to strata's and your satisfaction. There are so many other common areas we look after . I will keep adding more as I go so you can get more information on Your Sydney Handyman.

Sydney Handyman Services

"Cross it off your To-Do-List"

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