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Residential Handyman Repairs

Residential Maintenance, Repairs and Preventative Maintenance


Your Sydney Handyman Is your home maintenance and repair specialist that can take care of you To-Do-List. It only takes only one call. Sydney Handyman will replace grout in the bathroom, installing a fan, come out for emergency work, fix a fence to keep the dog in, install your smoke alarm and schedule preventative gutter cleaning. Keeping your home maintained is the key to the value of your home. Sydney handyman can take care of both the small and large projects on your list. Call your local Handyman Sydney today for home repairs and maintenance services.


We are relied on by 1000's of customers for all your Handyman Sydney work.


Your Sydney Handyman can take care of your small to large jobs, including:

  • Hang whiteboards and pictures

  • Gyprock and plastering

  • Small render

  • Shelving

  • Downlights

  • PVC downpipe

  • Re-string, install clothesline

  • gates

  • handrails

  • Gutter cleaning

  • High pressure cleaning

  • Letterboxes

  • Small concreting

  • Whirlybird/roof turbine

  • Cracked roof tiles

  • Programmed Maintenance

  • Emergency Work

  • Painting 

  • Speed Humps

  • Guttering Replacement

  • Uprgrading the landscaping

  • Doors

  • Smoke alarms

  • Floorboards

  • Timber Decks

  • Tap washers

  • Toilet valves

  • Roof leaks

  • Re-pointing tiled roof

  • Toilet seats

  • Bathroom fittings, (towel rails etc)

  • Clothes dryer

  • Shower screen/bath tub seals

  • Kitchen/bathroom bench tops

  • Shower leak

  • Fence repairs

  • Landscaping

  • Retaining walls

  • Concreting

  • Window Repairs

  • Vanity Replacments

  • Sensor lighting



Sydney Handyman gives tips in Home Magazine

What can your Sydney Handyman can do for you? CHECKLIST can give you an idea of what type of home repair your may need

Download - Handyman Sydney Property Repairs Checklist

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