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Fire Season is here: Tip 1

Fire Season is now upon us, prepare you home for a high Fire Danger Season.

Prepare your home now! Tip #1 We have prepared you a tip to help you prepare your home for the Bushfire season.

Don't put fuel on the fire and starve a fire before it starts. by removing as much fuel as you can. Fuel is anything that can burn easily. This would include woodpiles from your winter fireplace, stacked up near or against your home, Mulch in your garden beds and sticks and leaf debri in your property.

Upto 20 metres around your house and buildings should be cleared to help keep your home or building safe. This would include raking up sticks, leaves and disposing of them properly.

Keep the minimum amount of engine fuels possible, and keep all fuel containers in a shed away from the house. Gas bottles and cylinders should be located on a level, non combustible surface on the side of the property facing away from the most likely direction of a fire. Pressure relief valves on cylinders must be directed away from buildings, and the cylinders must be firmly tethered to ensure they remain upright.

Gas cylinders, fuel containers need to be kept away from your building and house. Keep fuel containers in a shed away from your house. This will help prepare you for a very hot and high fire danger season. If you do need some help with this, book in Sydney Handyman to complete your jobs. Ph: 02 9622 9022.

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