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Preventative Maintenance

Preventive (sometimes called preventative) maintenance is regularly performed maintenance on a piece of equipment to reduce the likelihood of failure. You can also put your business in this category. How your business presents itself is not just providing a good service or product, but how you keep business premises.

Scuffed walls, blown light globes, doors that do not open and close smoothly to an unpleasant bathroom experience or unpleasant temperatures will make people not feel comfortable and at home.

Sydney Handyman provide preventative and reactive maintenance that can ensure the upkeep of your office and building premises by providing routine inspections. These can be carried out at the same time we carry out in conjunction with the regular work that is carried out.

Preventative work can be put in place. Test tagging, air conditioning, fire extinguisher, cleaning, dishwasher and boilers, to carpark and outside work..

Sydney Handyman can put a maintenance plan together for you. Call to arrange a time to discuss your needs.

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