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Don't forget! Gutters need cleaning

Summer is coming. It is now high risk bushfire season. That's why it is important to have your roof and gutter maintained, cleaning and repaired. No matter what your guttering problem, Your Sydney Handyman can solve problems that others can’t.

Regular maintenance of your Gutters is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the beauty and value of your business or home. Failing to regularly clean gutters can cause a number of problems for home owners. Gutters which fill up with debris become full and heavy and eventually distort the proper angle of the gutter. When it rains, the water overflows at the blockage and leaks behind the gutter. Water damage can be caused by overflowing water which will cause substantial water damage when it enters your business office or home. Often most businesses or home owners are unaware of the water damage until it is too late and costly repairs are required to both your premises and your roof.

Regular preventative maintenance of your roof can stop this from happening. Your Sydney Handyman recommend that your gutters and roof be inspected and cleaned on a 6 monthly basis.

Gutters can act as a potential fire hazard if they are full of Debri. Embers from fires, can travel long distances, and if it lands in a gutter full of debris, it can ignite causing a house fire. All Fire Services recommend that gutters are cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of fire, especially during bushfire season. Regular cleaning can also eliminate vermin and cause damage to your roof.

Cleaning gutters is hard and exhausting work and is also a risk to your safety so you are better off leaving it to the experts. Keep you business and home maintained and let Your Sydney Handyman take care of it for you!

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