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Sydney's extreme weather and storms

Sydney has been having extreme storms these last couple of weeks.

Storm events can cause substantial damage to property and infrastructure as well as place the health and safety of people at risk. The increasing frequency and intensity of these events means you need to be aware of the potential impacts and be prepared for extreme storms which is intense rainfall, hail, and high wind speeds.

Weak trees can pose potential hazards to the public during floods and extreme storms. Removing weak trees can reduce the risk of injury from tree debris.

Help reduce flood risks by having your drains clear of leaf litter and debris, rain gardens installed to help capture water run-off and retain and slow the water entering drains during heavy rainfall. This also helps reduce pressure on the drains. Rain water tanks can all play a role in reducing the flood risk by capturing water during intense rainfall events and which can reduce the amount of pressure placed on leaking or overflowing roofs. In turn protecting your house from storm and gyprock and electrical damage.

Your Sydney Handyman can take care of all these issues for you so you can minimize damage and safety to your home.

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Reduced Risk, Improved Safety. Making it easy for our Strata community, to keep upto date and verified. All our insurances, licenses, registrations & safety policies listed on Trades Monitor. The added CM3, OH&S Certification is for your reassurance that we are complying with WHS legislation & able to carry out any type of strata building works

Your Sydney Handyman is CM3 Certified. Providing Safe Property Maintenance, Building Repairs and Handyman Services throughout Sydney Metro. and also providing our services on a national basis.

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