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CM3 Certified


With Cm3's qualified and experienced assessors conduct annual assessments of contractor safety practices to help Sydney Handyman conform to a duty of care. It is Sydney Handyman's commitment to strong health and safety capabilities.


Management of contractor safety is critical to our business - Cm3 is helping transform how Sydney Handyman to better manage our health and safety requirements.


Your Sydney Handyman understands the importance of safety and risk management to our clients.


We have become a Cm3 prequalified contractor as part of our on-going commitment. 


Cm3 is an online health and safety prequalification assessment and ongoing insurance verification system part of Greencap, the leading integrated risk management company in Australia, New Zealand and Asia and  one of Australia’s leading specialists in health and safety risk management.


Cm3 prequalification gives our clients the assurance our health and safety management capability has been assessed by professionals and that we have committed to annual review of our systems implementation. 


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Handyman Sydney CM3 Certified
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